Welcome to Courage Pages!  Creating a Courage Page provides an opportunity for your Family to share your unique story, including pictures, to assist you in raising awareness for MPS and related diseases. This page can be for in Honor or in Memory of someone with MPS or a related disease and can be used for Fundraising. What is important is that you decide!

Our hope is that through Courage Pages, you are enabled to share your rare disease story with loved ones, friends, colleagues, physicians, legislators and anyone that wants to learn more about MPS and related diseases. Your story can include multiple photos and be updated as often by you as often as you like!

This is a terrific platform for raising funds and to tie into a fundraising event, you decide! Families have raised over $100,000 through Courage Pages and allocated the funds as they wanted – whether this is for syndrome specific research, family support or legislative efforts.

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If you are interested in building your own webpage for your loved one it is easy!  If you prefer for the Society to build the page for you, please contact us. If you need a form mailed to you please contact Rebecca Luchenbill at [email protected] or call 919.806.0101.

Carter Worthen

Syndrome: MPS II

Carter is a silly charming outgoing , smart 3 year old . She has lots of courage and strength! Almost always happy! She’ lives with mom dad and big brother and big sister !

CJ Pace

Syndrome: MPS I

I’m dedicating this fundraiser to a friend I met on Instagram. He inspires me more than he knows ♥️

CJ Pace

Syndrome: MPS I

CJ aid an inspiration to me every single day♥️

CJ Pace

Syndrome: MPS I

I’ve met a wonderful dad and son though Instagram who have inspired me immensely with their courage & strength. I’m dedicating my page to them & all those fighting mps1.

Colin Berning

Syndrome: MPS III

Colin is a wonderful kid. He loves to play with kickballs. He has a deep, beautiful laugh.
He has now gone on to Heaven at the tender age of 12 years old. We miss you, Colin. 11/2007 - 02/2020

Colin Dwyer

Syndrome: MPS IV

Colin is a sweet, fun, and loveable little three year old boy who was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome when he was 18 months old.

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