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Alex and Nick Cherrstrom


We have three boys, Jack, Alex, and Nick. Alex and Nick have MPS II, Hunter Syndrome. Alex is our hero because he was diagnosed at 2 years old, right before Nick was born 2 months later. Alex’s diagnosis allowed Nick to start enzyme replacement therapy at just 3 months old. We believe Alex has helped save Nick’s life because Alex taught us how Hunter Syndrome would affect our sons, what we need to look for signs and symptoms of hearing loss, etc., and he’s the reason Nick received early intervention through treatment.

Alex and Nick are both our heros. They are sweet, loving children who are worth saving from Hunter Syndrome. Their brother, Jack, does not have MPS II but he sees what his brothers go through. Jack loves them as they are but he wishes to see his brothers without special needs. He wishes to see them live and thrive. Please help our family support the MPS Society who supports us greatly, and help research for MPS II treatments and a cure!

Thank you!

xoxo, The Cherrstrom Family

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