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Advocacy for MPS and ML

Make a Difference, Nationwide

Advocacy is the best way for the MPS and ML community to share our stories with lawmakers. Together, we will change or create policy to help our Patient Community. Raise your voice and be heard. Join the Advocacy Committee today!

Advocacy for MPS and ML

Advocacy is the best way for the MPS and ML community to share our stories with lawmakers and policy influencers who can help make a difference on a state and federal level. Sharing your stories, experiences, and support makes a difference in the lives of those with MPS and ML today, and those who will be diagnosed in the future.

The Society is on the forefront of newborn screening, with two conditions approved on the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel (MPS I and MPS II). We advocate both at the State and Federal levels for key legislation. Each year the Society works through our established Speaker Bureau program and takes a contingent to Capitol Hill.

Consider joining the Advocacy Committee. We meet on the Fourth Wednesday of each Month at 1:00 pm EST. Email to be added to our monthly zoom calls. Together, we will make a difference in the lives of those with MPS and ML.

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Make Your Voice Heard! Become an Advocate Today

The Speakers Bureau is a program of the National MPS Society designed to move critical rare disease legislation forward and raise awareness. Our speakers consist of individuals with MPS or ML and the parents, family members, and friends of those with MPS or ML who wish to tell their stories. These speakers join us in our Advocacy Hill Visits, described below, as well as educate the public and act as a community resource to raise MPS Awareness. To learn more, please contact

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Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee focuses on several goals throughout the year, including regular reviews and calls to action regarding MPS and ML legislation, carefully crafted appropriations language, reaching and spreading our message to new members, collaborating with the rare disease community as a whole, advocacy training webinars, and growing and fostering relationships with key decision-makers. To join the Advocacy Committee or for more information, contact our Advocacy Chairs.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Stephanie Cozine

Carl Kapes

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Advocacy Hill Visits – Virtual and In-Person

The National MPS Society hosts several opportunities to get engaged in advocacy throughout the year, with Advocacy Hill Visits occurring every spring. In recent years, the Society has participated in virtual visits through the Advocacy Associates Platform.

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Virtual Hill Visit, International MPS Day on May 15, 2024

The Speakers Bureau and Society participated in “Virtual Hill Day” on May 15, 2024. In preparation for the virtual meetings with senators, representatives, and staffers in Washington, DC, volunteer advocates from the MPS and ML community will participate in training led by Advocacy Committee Co-Chair Stephanie Cozine. Nearly 60 advocates from 25 states participated in meetings to make real, meaningful change on behalf of MPS and ML families in the past! In these meetings, families asked their legislators to cosponsor bills and increase funding for MPS and ML research. Join the Speaker Bureau and send an email to

Legislative Priorities in 2024:

Below are the key pieces of legislation we continue to push forward in 2024. They are accompanied by one-page summaries that can be used during meetings with members of Congress.

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February 2023

Better Empowerment Now to Enhance Framework and Improve Treatments (BENEFIT) Act, (H.R. 4472 and S.373)

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June 2022

Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act, S. 350/H.R. 482: this bill reauthorizes state grants to expand and improve screening programs, provide educational resources to parents and healthcare providers, and improve follow-up care for infants with a detected condition. The newborn screening bill passed in the House in June 2021 and currently has 12 cosponsors in the Senate as of June 2022.

MPS II Added to the RUSP:

On August 2, Secretary Becerra approved MPS-II for inclusion on the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel (RUSP). Conditions listed on the RUSP are provided to individual states as a recommendation for adoption for newborn screening. This acceptance follows the Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children’s (ACHDNC) approval to move the nomination forward to the Department of Health and Human Services after a considerable evidence review. This is the first condition approved for inclusion on the RUSP since SMA was approved in 2018. Click here to learn more.

Join the Advocacy Committee to learn about how you can share your story to make meaningful change!


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Mother and child sit on the floor at an MPS awareness event
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Resource Library

Newborn Screening

Recommended Uniform Screening Panel (RUSP): The RUSP is a national guideline for newborn screening (NBS). It consists of a list of conditions (PDF – 94 KB) for which the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommends all newborns receive screening.

Newborn Screening in Your State: Visit the HRSA website to learn more about the complete list of conditions that are screened in each state.

Newborn Screening Overview: The NIH website offers more detailed information on newborn screening.

Rare Disease Advocacy

EveryLife Foundation: “Rare Disease Legislative Advocates (RDLA) is a program of the EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases designed to support the advocacy of all rare disease patients and organizations. RDLA believes that every voice matters and that patients are the key to changing public policy.”

Lysosomal Disease Network: “The combined and integrated efforts of the Lysosomal Disease Network focus limited resources toward creating a network of centers with expertise in these diseases in order to solve major challenges in diagnosis, disease management, and therapy.”

Global Genes: An advocacy organization dedicated to connecting the rare disease community. It empowers patients, builds communities while seeking to eliminate the challenges experienced by people with rare diseases.

NORD – National Organization for Rare Disorders: “NORD’s voice is strongest when we all work together! We rely on patients to educate their representatives and to advocate in their local communities.”

Help us make a difference for MPS and ML

There are no cures for MPS and ML, and only five syndrome types have treatments. Join our network of advocates in being a voice for MPS. We’ll send you updates on legislation affecting rare diseases, and you can participate in our monthly advocacy call to hear what’s on the horizon and how you can help.

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Advocacy pledge

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Support Toolkit

Whether you are an experienced advocate or new to the scene, every voice makes a difference! This support toolkit provides you with resources to share your story in a compelling way.

Advocacy Prep Webinar:

This video provides information on how to use the Advocacy Associates platform, how to craft your story, as well as tips for success!

Guide to Telling Your Story:

This webinar offers recommendations on how to effectively share your story with lawmakers.

Guide to Social Media Advocacy:

This presentation describes how you can get involved with social media advocacy and the importance online engagement.

Guide to In-District Legislative Visits:

Simplify the process of visiting with lawmakers by starting with this presentation!

Contacting Your Representatives:

This link allows you to search for your representatives’ contact information.

Additional Resources:

on preparing for Hill visits and more

National MPS Society member Stephanie Bozarth presents a webinar on how to advocate on Capitol Hill.

Whatever the situation and audience, your personal story is incredibly powerful. It’s essential that we learn how to tell our stories effectively. Maybe you’re talking to a lawmaker to urge them to fund MPS or related disease research; maybe you’re talking to a physician or a teacher about your child’s needs; or maybe you’re sharing your story with the public to raise awareness about MPS and ML. Do you want tools and easy strategies for telling your story in an effective way? Listen to the pre-recorded webinar below. The file may take a moment to download.

Watch the Webinar: Guide to telling your personal story effectively.

Are you interested in using social media to advocate to legislators about MPS and related diseases but aren’t sure how? Review the PowerPoint presentation below for tools and tips.

Watch the Webinar: Using Social Media and Letters to the Editors Effectively for Advocacy

Are you interested in meeting with your legislators to discuss the National MPS Society but aren’t sure how? Review the PowerPoint presentation below for tools and tips.