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Society Funding Levels for 2021 Announced

The Society’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the approval of $700,000 to be awarded as part of the Society’s competitive research grants program for 2021. These funds are made available through the great generosity of friends of the Society and especially through the efforts of our membership families. This year, the funds are dedicated to be used to further the research needs of syndromes as described below. Stay tuned as we look forward to announcing the first round of awards for 2021 on or about July 1, 2021.

Society Funding for 2021: Changes in Grant Dates and Mechanisms

To encourage submission and funding of the best possible MPS and ML research applications through building out a predictable yet flexible program of research calls and grant mechanisms, the National MPS Society is initiating a revised research grants program to provide for a set of three submission and review cycles per year. The goal is for these revisions to provide predictability to the research community and flexibility to the Society through which to meet the goals of improved lives and outcomes to those in the MPS and ML family.

A new schedule of submission dates

Over the past years, the Society has often made a second call for proposals, and in some cases, a third call. In acknowledgment of this fact, the Society will have a set calendar of research calls for proposals going forward. This will allow researchers and reviewers some certainty of timelines. As the individual cycle of submission and review within a calendar year proceeds, the details of a subsequent individual call for may be altered, or a call may be cancelled, pending the results of the previous cycle. The dates are below. If a given date occurs on a US National holiday or Sat or Sunday, the date will be advanced to the next business day.

Timeline for Grant Cycle submission dates etc. Submissions are due by 11:59:59 PM EST/EDT (USA) of the due date. If a due date falls on a USA federal holiday or a Saturday or Sunday, the due date will shift to the next business day.

The Society Research Portal will be open March 1, 2021 for submission:

Funding mechanisms and levels for principal investigator and fellow initiated innovative research grants

Society Funding for 2021: Areas of Emphasis for Cycle I

The Society welcomes submissions of any type that addresses any of the MPS or ML disorders (except as restricted below), but specifically seeks applications in the current cycle (Cycle I, 2021), that address those topics listed under #1 or #2 below. Note that an application is not required to address topics in both #1 and #2, but an application certainly may.

  1. Physiological systems with commonality between individual MPS and ML disorders:
    • Common bone and connective tissue pathology, treatment, and/or outcomes
    • Common cardio-respiratory pathology, treatment, and/or outcomes
    • Common CNS pathology, treatment, and/or outcomes
    • Common inflammatory/immune pathology, treatment, and/or outcomes
    • Applications that involve pre-clinical/clinical assessment of repurposed drugs to address bone, connective tissue, cardio-respiratory, and/or immune/inflammatory disease
  2. Applications addressing one the following disorders, areas, and/or research resource development:
    • Address MPS II, MPS IV, ML II, or ML III
      • Alone or as part of a comparative approach involving other syndromes
    • Address diseases caused by defects of integral membrane enzymes
      • Includes MPS IIIC, ML II, and/or ML III
    • Applications that address the lack of authentic small and large models of MPS IV
    • Applications that address the lack of authentic large animal model of MPS II

Approaches that will not be considered in Cycle I of 2021:

  1. Applications that focus primarily on pharmacoperone or pharmacological chaperone therapy
  2. Applications that propose novel, or improved approaches of gene therapy
    • Established gene therapy tools or proof of principle studies not addressing potential clinical application of novel or improved gene therapy approaches will be considered.
  3. Applications that propose novel or improved approaches of gene editing
    • Established gene editing tools or proof of principle studies not addressing potential clinical application of novel or improved gene editing approaches will be considered.

Eligible Institutions and Investigators

Eligible Institutions

Eligible Investigators

Other Restrictions and Requirements

Questions may be address to either [email protected] or addressed directly to the Society CSO, Matthew Ellinwood ([email protected]).

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