Research Grants

The application for Letter of Intent is now available. Register here to begin the application process. General registration questions can be directed here. 

Letter of Intent Applications are due by midnight (EDT) on May 15, 2019.
Special consideration will be given to new investigators.
Two-year grants will be awarded and funds dispersed in 2019 and 2020 for the following: (Syndrome-specific research not awarded funding in its specific category will also be considered for funding within the general MPS and ML II/III funding category.) 

  1. Any MPS or an MLII/III syndrome (general grant)
    Two (2) $90,000 grant

Five additional grants will be awarded for syndrome-specific research, and research institutions will have the option to receive funds over the course of one or, two years.  The syndrome-specific grants awarded in 2019 will be divided as follows:


  1. MPS I (Hurler syndrome)
    One (1) $30,000 grant
  2. MPS II (Hunter syndrome)
    One (1) $45,000 grant
  3. MPS III (Sanfilippo syndrome)
    Two (2) $50,000 grant
  4. MPS IV (Morquio syndrome)
    One (1) $50,000 grant

Grants and fellowships from the National MPS Society are provided to qualified medical researchers for the purpose of promoting medical research in the fields of MPS and ML. Each April, the MPS Society announces the grants offered, and funding begins October 1. Occasionally a second grant offering is made throughout the year.

All applications are reviewed and ranked by members of the National MPS Society Scientific Advisory Board. The final decision of award recipients is determined by the board of directors of the National MPS Society. Funding for the grants comes from the annual National MPS Society 5K walk/runs in addition to donations and fundraisers. We have awarded more than $8.5 million in grant funding since 2001.

Notice of the current year grant offerings and application will appear on the website. To receive the current application by e-mail, please contact us.

In 2018, The National MPS Society funded or invested more than $715,000 for research. This is the largest annual amount allocated in our research program history, supporting all the MPS and ML II/III syndromes.

We are grateful to our global researchers who are fighting for those affected by MPS and ML. Our profound commitment through collaboration and partnerships is highlighted in these pivotal chosen research projects. The outcomes of these research projects and their progress toward cures will be made available over the next two years.

Our Mission

The National MPS Society exists to cure, support and advocate for MPS and ML.

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