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Have you or your child recently been diagnosed with MPS or ML, or is your child undergoing diagnostic testing? We are here to help and can connect you with the information you need.
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Give to the National MPS Society

Donations to the National MPS Society allow us to support families affected by MPS and ML, fund medical research to find cures for these diseases and keep the public engaged and informed.

Support those affected by MPS and ML

Families are the linchpin of our community, and whether it’s financial assistance during a hard time, a special treat for an affected family member or to help make educational dreams come true, we support MPS and ML families across the nation.


Angels Among Us

Each year we remember those that we have lost. Please take a moment to honor the Angels Among Us. We encourage families to create their own remembrance pages so that together we can all honor and remember our special angels. 

Annual Report for 2017

Each year the National MPS Society compiles an annual report. This report outlines key fundraising efforts and the work of our amazing committees. It also details the grants we have subsidized and invested, as well as our financials. We invite anyone interested to review the report to get a better look at the inner workings of … Continued

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