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Caleb Michalik (aka Ironman)


I am the proud mother of four amazing children.  My youngest, Caleb, just happens to have a rare genetic disorder called Hunter Syndrome.  I had him tested at the hospital after he was born because my husband and I knew what to look for.  I have a brother, uncles, and nephews with this syndrome and we knew there was a possibility my son could have it.  We are very blessed to have the attenuated form of Hunter Syndrome.
I love my family so much.  They are all strong and I couldn’t picture my life without each of the amazing people they were, are, and are becoming.  I would be honored if my Caleb could follow in my brother, and uncles footsteps.  We are praying for a cure, not because it will make them fuller human beings but rather because it will make their lives so much easier.  These men in my life, including my son, are my heroes!  I praise God for them everyday.

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