Remembrance Pages

Logan Piefer

Our beloved Logan didn't have a long life, but he lived it well. Logan loved to sing and dance, play with his Little People, and draw on his Magna Doodle. Although MPS took these things from him over time, Logan never stopped smiling. He loved his family, going to school, and watching his favorite shows. Logan left us in 2015, but he lives on forever in our hearts.

Melanie Brannan

Melanie loved & enjoyed music, her cats & family. She had a lifelong interest in the human body and mind and loved stories of people overcoming adversity she was strong, tenacious, courageous, and a loving mother, daughter, sister and friend who had a heart for people especially people with any physical or mental disabilities.

Our Mission

The National MPS Society exists to cure, support and advocate for MPS and ML.

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