"I believe a cure is possible and we will eliminate the challenges of MPS. Join us to make this a reality for Samayra Bracero and all children living with MPS"

Samayra Bracero

Samayra was my daughter. She past away on March 14, 2016 at the age of 5 and three months.

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Samayra's Story

Samayra fought for 5 years with Hurler’s Syndrome. She was a very strong girl. No matter how much pain she was in she never complained. She always thought and cared about my pain. Her last words to me at the hospital were, “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

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  • mayra acosta

    Samayra was very playfull and loved to dance. She was overprotective with her younger brother Jacob. We miss her so much and love her. Always will be in our hearts. She was her father's little angel. " Always thought I would teach my daughter about the world, but now it seems I have to teach the world about my daughter." Mayra Acosta

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