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Stormy Caudill


Gage Robles is now 13 with MPS type A


My son is Gage Robles he was born October 27, 2005 at first we thought that he was autistic until 2016 they finally got the test back saying that he was diagnosed with this horrible disease and it was Taipei I knew something was going on because he was so hyper when he was little ran circles around me I couldn’t even keep up I never had him on medication to calm him down just dealt with it but then I knew something was wrong when he finally started to calm down because he was declinig he would honestly sit there and watch TV which he has never done since he was little now he is on a feeding tube he doesn’t walk doesn’t talk but still smile when you get in his face and talk to him . Sadly he never complains never argues never asked for anything his little face and big brown eyes and his plump lips are perfect except for the fact that he is declining. He has two brothers and a sister that are older than him we just can’t figure out why something so perfect would have to go through something so horrible . So so now we just cross your fingers and pray that they find a cure