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Harboring Hope

1 Jun, 2023

In recognition of International MPS Awareness Day, it is an honor to share Harboring Hope, a short film telling the stories of some of the greatest challenges and areas of unmet need in our community, especially in areas where there are no approved treatment options (mucolipidosis and Sanfilippo syndrome) and where there are significant gaps (such as with our adults diagnosed with MPS or ML).

We must reach to find answers for those without treatment options and continue to advocate for the next generations. Harboring Hope is a video produced by Dan Salvo of Forge Biologics, telling the stories of Lauryn Brown (mother of Blakely, ML II), Carl Kapes (father of Ryan and Brayden, MPS IIIA), and Sheri Wise (MPS IVA). Their words reveal areas for continued work as they speak of overcoming obstacles and finding hope.