Family Support is one of the centerpieces of the Mission of the Society. The National MPS Society has been focused on Family Support since the beginning, and over the last few years has ramped up the efforts to better support member families.

Family Support Programs include: Family Assistance Program, Extraordinary Experiences, Regional Social Gatherings, dues waived program. Please check back often as your Family Support Committee works hard to bring you new programs. If you have a suggestion for a new program, please let us know.

Ask the Parents – Currently unavailable while under revision

Several families have volunteered to publicize their personal e-mail addresses for private conversations with others who want to learn more about the daily lives in raising children with MPS and related diseases. If you would like to add your name to this list, please e-mail


A listing of useful web sites that we suggest. These site offer information that will augment the services found on our site.