We are proud to announce that Terri Klein, Interim CEO of the National MPS Society, has been named President and Chief Executive Officer. Terri has 14 years of experience in rare diseases, including her work with the Society for nine years, serving as Development Director and Director of Operations. She has been involved in all facets of donor relations, fundraising events, operations, family support, grants, and full operations.

Terri has spent over 30 years in a combined corporate business and nonprofit management environment. Terri’s corporate background includes human resource management and as a successful real estate broker in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Terri has a direct, personal connection and history with MPS and ML. Her daughter, Jennifer, has ML III. She has been involved as a parent and staff member on all fronts in the fight for a cure. Her family has worked for years, advocating for MPS and ML through the Society. Her development work has raised millions of dollars. While serving as the Development Director, she helped to double the revenue of the National MPS Society through events, grant writing, national runs, and her creative, compassionate business experience.

Terri will ensure proper planning, oversight, and direction of research funding, family support programs, and fund development activities. As the CEO, she will serve as the main public contact and spokesperson for the organization, and will represent the National MPS Society in all professional business capacities. To reach her directly, you may contact [email protected].

“I am honored to accept this new role at the National MPS Society. For years, I have filled my office with inspiring photos of children and adults with MPS and ML, which remind me of my purpose and drive. I will continue to work with our Board of Directors to find answers, resources and eventual cures.” – Terri Klein