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Taheisha Turner


This is for My Daughter Taheisha Turner, My First Born!!!


Taheisha was diagnosed with MPS 3A and in 2010 I found out about it and at that time I did everything in My Power to Learn about the Disease. Well in 2019 I was able to make it to Taheishas hospital bed side for Her last time in a Hospital. On June 5th Of 2019 Taheisha lost her battle. Or as I Like to say Finished Her Journey and Served Her Purpose. Our Story is Deep because My Child Held Strong Until I Came Home, Yes from Incarceration and from the time My Child Was Diagnosed In 2010, I Became Diagnosed as well because for a Parent to Already be Away and then to be away thru her whole Journey and to come home to Taheisha Final Steps In Her Journey is a Blessing, Because I KNOW SHE WAITED FOR ME, Her Dad!!!