Donations Given in Memory of:

Jeff Bardsley

George Kennedy

Barbara Devries

William Hill

Nelson and Lillian Howard

Gilberto Rivas

Karen Sabban

Maci Eickman

Diane Laforges

Patrick Hyland

231 Farmington Avenue Associates Limited Partnerships

Pat Keegan Ward

Kyle Jack

Andrew and Lauran Jack

Allison Kirch

Mark and Maryellen Pendleton

Kraig Klenke

Nancy and Joe Shelton

Christian Lon

John Moltz

Linda Sheehan

Ryan Mask

Knights of PA RC

Lucas Montgomery

Kimberly Hagge

Austin Noll, IV

Peter and Diane Arzberger

Jackie Bove

David and Mary Bristol

Todd and Janice Butler

Paul and Lori Coaty

Julie and Bryan Durnen

Susan and Robert Erickson

William Fischer

Peter Fisk

Joan Heckman

Jacquelyn Johnson

Erin Johnsrud

Ernest and Agnes Kuebler

Lori Lazarescu

Joel Loomis

Stephanie Maier

Glenn and Kathryn McMillan

Jack and Colleen McNamara

Austin and Cheryl Noll, III

Sheila Oliver

Jennifer Pavlovic

Roger and Ruth Pline

Jeff and Sara Jane Ranney

Greg and Kathleen Schneider

Elliott and Melissa Smith

Joshua and Sheri Sowden

Anne Stump

Lynne Suich

Chris and Melissa Thelen

Donald and Blanche Vlasak

Bill and Betty Wirth

Jennifer Prince

Carbon Vintage Diamonds

Patricia Hill

Kajima Foundation

David Palay

Thomas and Stacy Peters

Michael and Amy White

Caitlin Yonker

Jenna Richbourg

Lola Gindrat

Judy and Karen Strickland

Sloane Skelton

Don Skelton

Donations Given in Honor of:

Nicole Bennett                                  

Steven and Elissa Lazarus

Molly Birmingham

Megan Sebanc

Aidan Carter                                         

Monika and Jack Berg

Sam Caswell

Sandra Demello                                          

Alan Charest

Delia Laiewski

Jackson Dunn-Kraus

Coventry Corners, Inc

Sebastian Estevez                             

Pam Stoddart                                                                                        

Jacqueline Graham

Patricia Adcock                                  

Jane Allison                                           

George and Mary Decker               

Toni and James Graham

Tracy Greenberg

Marc Alu

The Holland Family

Stewart and Sammie Sheppard 

Michelle Hopkins

Helen Allison                                        

Roger and Ann Drinkwalter         

Geraldine Faucett                             

Donald and Betsey Frankel          

Paul and Marjorie Herbert, Jr.   

Scott and Lynn Hopkins                

Tad and Gayle Lowrey

Pacific Western Bank                      

Anthony and Gladys Zeller           

Drake Lucas

Patricia Quintenz

Carter Korth

Capitol Indemnity Corporation                 

Marcus Kramer

Stephanie Faust                                  

Kasey Mendenhall

David Mendenhall                            

Priscilla Perreira                               

Jason and Tamara Cullere             

Magnolia Rose                                    

Josh Sommers

Meekel Stevens                                

Marla and Randy Stevens              

Cooper Tippett

Tracy Higuera                                       

Carl and Deborah Kruse

Leo and Seamus Williams

Maureen Williams

Noah Wiest

Ron and Kim Wiest                           

Matt Wells

Don and Lisa Wells