Terri Klein, National MPS Society’s director of development and operations, has assumed the title of interim CEO. Terri’s long history with the National MPS Society and her dedication to funding MPS and ML research make her the ideal choice to assume the president’s responsibilities.

The National MPS Society board of directors expresses gratitude to outgoing President and CEO Mark Dant for his dedication to the society and his commitment to the MPS and ML community. His work has touched everyone from the patient community to our medical and industry partners. We sincerely appreciate Mark’s work with the National MPS Society and the MPS community as a whole and know the partnerships he forged will benefit those living with MPS and ML for years to come.

The National MPS Society remains steadfast in our commitment to curing, supporting and advocating for MPS and ML, and we are dedicated to continuing our work with our patient community, as well as our medical and industry partners. Together, we will improve the lives of everyone affected by MPS and ML.