Host an Event – FAQ

Where do you start?

The Society has comprehensive resources for hosting various types of fundraising events. Contact the Development team at the National MPS Society to get started, email [email protected] or call (919) 806-0101 to begin discussing your ideas.

Decide on the type of fundraising event you would like to host!

Typically, events fall into two categories: walks and runs, or do-it-yourself fundraisers. Almost anything can be turned into a fundraiser! Check out our do-it-yourself one-page guides on ideas for different types of events.

One-Page Guides

How do I pick the right fundraiser for me?

Choose something that you are passionate about doing! If you are a runner – a race may be a great option. If you and your family love to bowl, or bake, or play bingo, create an event around that activity. The best fundraising event is something you can whole-heartedly commit to, so choose something you enjoy. Things to consider:

What happens to the money I raise?

The National MPS Society allows fundraisers to decide what their money is designated for. Choose from the following options:

Individuals that raise over $25,000 can participate in our medical directed research program. Call our office to learn more! 

Will the Society help defray upfront costs for my event?

The National MPS Society will reimburse up to 25% of expenses associated with a Society-sponsored event. Contact the Development team to discuss all logistics around event reimbursement. It is important to note that family fundraisers may not exceed 25% of expenses.

Where are events held?

Venue costs vary and should be carefully considered when budgeting for your event. It is not realistic to make a large amount of money in your first year, so keep this in mind when you are planning for expenses. Be sure to have multiple venue options and site visits to make an informed decision. Things to consider when choosing a venue:

How do individuals register for an event?

The National MPS Society can set up a registration site for your event through our platform Classy. Visit these sites to view an example: 

How do I accept donations and registration fees?

If you are using our online registration platform, Classy, payments will process through the portal. Other donations and fees are accepted through:

What is MobileCause? Do you offer a “text to give” option?

Yes! MobileCause is a text to give platform. This can be enabled for any event, easily allowing your participants to donate from the convenience of their cell phone.

How does an event make money?

Family Fundraisers at the National MPS Society are individual fundraising and sponsor events – not pledge events. This means that participants are asked to donate themselves and obtain sponsor funds in advance to be turned in on the day of the event. The Society has template families can use to approach local business sponsors. Participants in an event will donate or pay to bowl or golf or purchase a ticket for a concert. In addition, participants may donate a raffle item or a silent auction item just like a business sponsor might. 

Do we attract national sponsors?

Yes, we have attracted several national sponsors each year. They are not all-inclusive for each event. Ask for corporate donations, but always remember your local businesses too! Many of your local businesses sponsor charitable events. Consider making a presentation to the Chamber of Commerce or a Rotary Club in your neighboring towns and it might light an ignition.

Will my event receive t-shirts?

Refer to our t-shirt policy form for information on which events receive shirts. The National MPS Society provides t-shirts with the current walk/run or fundraising logo on the front. Several people use t-shirt space as an incentive for sponsors. Different dollar amounts can correspond to different logo sizes and placement on the shirts.

Every event is different!

Think creatively and the organization will be rewarding and fun! All events are unique, allow yours to represent you and your family. The key to a good event is organization, promotion, and keeping costs low. Let this be fun and engaging!

What happens after an event?

After your event has concluded, be sure to reconcile expenses and send donations to the National MPS Society office. Include the following information:

Also be sure to thank your donors and sponsors! A handwritten note goes a long way – especially if this is a reoccurring event. Reach out to a member of the Development team to have a wrap up conversation regarding event logistics!

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