There are many types of fundraising events, but they all stem from the same foundation:

Tips for Successful Special Event

1. Set a GOAL – How much money do you hope to raise?

2. Develop a PLAN – Create a committee and calculate how much each member of your team must do in order to reach your team’s goal. Include a timetable for each member to reach his/her individual goals.

3. Choose an event that has MEANING – Select a special event that your family, friends, and community can and will participate in and provide support.

4. Create a SCHEDULE – A schedule means a calendar of events. Note your key dates: Save the Date; Pre-Launch; Launch; Drive; Event and Conclusion.

5. BE EXCITED & BE ENTHUSIASTIC – These are two key ingredients that every special event needs. It really works!

6. PROMOTE your event – promote your event every moment of the day during your fundraising drive. Use press releases, posters, internet, mail, prizes, etc.

7. Use good ACCOUNTABILITY – Good accounting practices are important and not too complicated.

8. Think SUCCESS! – Paint a positive mental image of you and your group achieving success.

Plan your Event

The National MPS Society provides a start-up packet with all the information necessary to get started. To receive an organization packet, contact our Development Director, Tracy Kirby at [email protected], or call (919) 806-0101.

Choose the type of fundraising event you’d like to host. View our one-page event guides as examples:

Do it yourself BINGO event

Do it yourself Bowl-A-Thon

Do it yourself Clothing Party

Do it yourself Concert Event

Do it yourself Facebook Fundraiser

Do it yourself Golf Outing

Do it yourself Run Walk

Other Resources

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Our Mission

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