Welcome to the return of printed Courage–this issue is the first to be delivered since Spring of 2016. Looking back, the very first printed edition of Courage was sent in 1985, and members received a newsletter four times a year. Two years ago, a strategic decision was made to transition to an emailed electronic version.

Members seem to enjoy the quicker, monthly updates filled with research and fundraising news. But something was lacking. Like a photograph or vinyl record, there is something special about a printed magazine. To fill this void, members will now be getting both!

Twice a year, print editions of Courage will hit your mailbox and you will continue to receive the monthly eCourage through email. We hope you enjoy both and find them informative and useful. If you’d like to contribute or share events and life milestones, please reach out to the Society’s new communications director, Jacob Desjarlais, at [email protected].

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