A long-term vision to expand scientific program and aid MPS and ML patients will begin this August in Research Triangle Park, Durham, NC.

DURHAM, NC, June 16, 2020 – The National MPS Society is pleased to announce the hiring of its inaugural Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), N. Matthew Ellinwood, D.V.M. Ph.D. Following a two-year scientific program evaluation, the Society’s Board of Directors approved the creation of the position in February 2020. The Society’s biomedical research initiatives, science development, collaborative research networks, and 25-year research grant program create new pathways leading to the further understanding of MPS and ML therapies and eventual cures. The addition of a CSO will further develop and guide this groundbreaking science program and complement the Society’s missions of advocacy, awareness, and family support for the MPS and ML communities.

Dr. Ellinwood will join the Society from the world-renowned Animal Breeding and Genetics section of the Animal Science Department at Iowa State University (ISU). Since 2004, he has served as an Associate Professor of Comparative Medical Genetics, where he has collaborated with national and international researchers, as well as prominent members of the professional biopharma community. Over the past 22 years, his work on MPS and related diseases has yielded millions in research grants, while authoring or co-authoring over 60 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Ellinwood’s health and genetics journey began in 1997 with veterinary training, followed by Ph.D. training in physiology and molecular genetics at Colorado State University. Shortly after, he began his work on MPS disorders during a 5-year residency and fellowship with Dr. Mark Haskins at the Section of Medical Genetics at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. A post-residency fellowship with Philippe Moullier, at the Laboratoire de Thérapie Génique, in Nantes, France led to his faculty position at ISU.

Dr Ellinwood has been a 15-year member of the Society’s Scientific Advisory Board and is the current chair. His review and expertise have assisted with over $10 million in research grant awards. He recalls the positive impact he felt while attending his first MPS scientific meeting in 2001:

“I was presenting for the first time on the canine model of MPS IIIB, and a mother of a child with Sanfilippo sought me out at the reception to introduce me to her son. Meeting them was a real turning point for me. It was the first of so many times that I felt the grounding and family support that comes from the Society. As a researcher, it fills one with such a feeling of mission and purpose.”

In addition to his busy professional life, Dr. Ellinwood also enjoys fine arts, choral singing, sportsmanship, and the outdoors. He will relocate to Durham with his 16-year-old cats, Victoria and Albert.

“Although I never thought my academic research career would take this turn, becoming the inaugural CSO of the National MPS Society is a huge honor, and an extraordinary opportunity to positively impact our MPS patients and families.”

The Society is grateful to have Dr. Ellinwood join the Durham team. His knowledge and expertise of the current research program, in tandem with his biomedical expertise will provide the laser-sharp focus necessary to navigate MPS science today.

Lisa P. Todd
Chairman, Board of Directors

Terri L. Klein
President and CEO