Mucolipidosis Collaborative Research Network (MCRN)

Accelerating a Treatment for GNTAB-Related Disorders Richard Steet, Ph.D.Jennifer Klein, MS One year since the formation of the MCRN, the network continues to meet monthly, with the primary function to coordinate … Continued

Orthopedic and Respiratory Management

Orthopedic Management of the MucopolysaccharidosesKlane White, MD Dr. Klane White provides a visual overview of pediatric orthopedics and the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in children with MPS. Dysostosis … Continued

Neurological Management of MPS

Natural History of MPS Disorders – What Do We Know About Cognition Over Time?Elsa Shapiro, PhD, A.B.P.P., LP Dr. Elsa Shapiro delivers an overview of the effects of MPS on … Continued

2019 Annual Report

With a nod to our 45 year history, the 2019 Annual Report outlines the amazing work of our committees, and highlights key efforts in fundraising, research, and support over the past year.

A Quilt of Gratitude & Remembrance

This beautiful quilt represents over 20 years of love and commitment to an organization we believe really helps families through the entire MPS journey.