Diana Rodrigues

My sweet Angel,went to heaven on August 4 2009, it feels like yesterday,we miss her so much,she kept me going, she forever wil be missed,she was my Ingland Rose and now she is a Angel on my shoulder.

Tribute by Isabella Rodrigues, Mar 25, 2010

Skyla Hulett

Skyla, we miss you so very much… We know that you are happy where you are and that we will see you again someday.. Until then just know we miss you our sweet Tito.. Love you baby!!!

Tribute by Shawna, Mar 21, 2010

Jade Marie Robinson

Our daughter Jade passed away on 22nd Dec 2001 aged 11. We miss every second of every day. I hope you are having fun in heaven with your friends. Love Mum, Dad, Justin and Daniel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tribute by Dawn Robinson, Mar 19, 2010

Kristofer Joseph Moses Arnold

My Dear Kristofer, It has been almost 8 months since you have gone to Heaven. I still can’t believe you are not here any longer. You are missed every minute of every day. Love your Mom XOXOXOXOX

Tribute by Sherrie Roman, Mar 15, 2010

Freddy Montes

My brother Freddy was born on 9/3/80 in Paterson, NJ and diagnosed with Hunter Syndrome at the age of 1. He was a gift God allowed us to have for 16 years. Freddy passed on 12/7/1996, I luv u dearly!

Tribute by Johanna Montes, Mar 8, 2010

Ezekiel Powell Zeke

Zeke, you are a special gift from God above, sent to teach us of his unconditional love. Born December 1,1999, went to Heaven November 6,2009. He was born with MPS III 3 A, but lived it with a smile.

Tribute by Paula Bass, Feb 22, 2010

Stacy Rose

Born October 15, 1972 and after 36 years of suffering she left for heaven February 16, 2009. She is sadly missed but happy to think of her at peace now with her brother.

Tribute by Jody Rose, Feb 21, 2010

Shawn Rose

Born December 14, 1973 and at Peace after 35 years on August 4, 2009. You and your sister always did everything together in life. You left 5 1/2 months after your sister and I know ya’ll are fine.

Tribute by Jody Rose, Feb 21, 2010

Melissa L Custer

Melissa, you have been gone over 2 years now and everyday I think of you and wish I could talk to you one more time. The whole family misses you’re big smile and thoughtfulness.

Tribute by Elaine Kahns, Feb 17, 2010

Aurora Laorenza

You were taken from us at only 3 years of age but you touched thousands of lives. may you now be reading books in heaven. we love you.

Tribute by Mary Ann Fontaine, Feb 11, 2010

Matt and Nick McNally

I am so glad that you two were in our lives. We will always love you and can’t wait to see you again!

Tribute by Melissa, Jan 27, 2010

Andrew “Superman” Jump

I miss and love you very much. i hope you and ^^pawpaw^^ are caughing big fish up in heaven

Tribute by Casey Casey, Jan 21, 2010

Raymond Bryan IV

I miss your sweet smile and my children miss their best friend. The only comfort is that you are without pain and are playing and laughing and watching Bugs Bunny non stop.

Tribute by Lisa Pelletier Harman, Nov 10, 2009

Cade Mateo Morrissey

Thinking of you Cade as I often do. Nik,Chris, Ron, Mike, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. Love you

Tribute by Rozann, Nov 9, 2009

Lorne Christopher Hollis Duncan

Lorne was a brave little boy that i loved who had Hurlers he lived his life as long as he could . He is in Heaven and we miss you. You are never forgotten. Watch over us Lorne

Tribute by Jacqueline Childs, Oct 11, 2009

Muhammad Nammari

My love Muhammad , I can’t believe it’s almost 4 years .I still feel you all over the place , everything you touched, everything you owened is still there in it place never changed,miss u so much.

Tribute by Hana Nammari, Nov 6, 2009

Lorne Christopher Hollis Duncan

Lorne was a brave little boy that i loved who had Hurlers he lived his life as long as he could . He is in Heaven and we miss you. You are never forgotten. Watch over us Lorne

Tribute by Jacqueline Childs, Oct 11, 2009

Andrew “Superman” Jump

I miss you so much……I know you are in a better place, where you can run and play… I miss you my Stinkie Feet.

Tribute by CASEY CASEY, Oct 1, 2009

Aaron Jackson

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. I love you madly, oh so madly.

Tribute by Linda Fedrow, Sep 21, 2009

Johnathan Jenkins

I miss and love you so very much. Nathan is still having tests. We love you so much and miss you too. Love your mom and family

Tribute by Lisa, Sep 8, 2009

All of those who have lost love ones

Dearest Parents and Loved Ones, I am writing this to let you know that people do care and I have shed many tears for all of you, I know your stories are sad but true Remember God loves you!

Tribute by Jacob Ellis, Aug 31, 2009

Kristofer Arnold

My Dear Kris, it has been six weeks since you have left us. There is a huge whole in our hearts and lives without you. We miss you so so much. Be at peace. Love your Mom

Tribute by Sherrie Roman, Aug 31, 2009

Rishi Garg

Rishi, you will always be in my heart and soul. We will never forget you. You are my sweet, loving grandson. I love you.

Tribute by Charu Shila Garg, Aug 25, 2009

Christian Panghulan

Hello my big boy !!! I miss you more and more everyday…Watch over your sister Erica. Tell Jesus to give her a long life and a good health. You’re my only hope and God. Please help

Tribute by mom, Aug 24, 2009

Christian Panghulan

I miss you so much my big boy. I love you!!!

Tribute by mom, Aug 20, 2009

Muhammad Nammari

My dearest, my love Muhammad . I wish you were withus in these days to be beside your sister at her wedding , we will never feel happy without you, I know you’ll be with us in soul & watch her. love u

Tribute by Hana Nammari, Aug 11, 2009

Lindsay Rose Wood

It’s been 16 years and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t look at your picture and think how lucky I was to have you for 8 wonderful years:) You would be 25 on the 26th of September, Happy Birthday !!!

Tribute by Karen Vantol, Aug 6, 2009

David R. Hedrick

Can’t believe its been 5 years it seem like yesterday. You would had graduated this year if youd been healthy, instead you are in heaven looking over your sisters. Mom misses you !!

Tribute by Mom, Aug 3, 2009

Rishi Garg

There aren’t enough words to describe my brother. He gave us hope, he taught us to keep smiling, and he left us with so many beautiful memories. My brother was the best any kid could ever ask for.

Tribute by Kunal Garg, Jul 31, 2009

Rishi Garg

You were our Angel for these few years you spent with us. You were the purest soul God could have created. Your love conquered us all! I will love you always.

Tribute by Surabhi Garg, Aug 1, 2009

Johnathan Jenkins

I really miss you Little Man. I think your baby brother’s like you and scared to have the test done. I love and miss you.

Tribute by Lisa Upchurch, Jul 28, 2009


Dear Andrew, You now have the wings we all knew you already had. Anyone who knew you or met you now needs the strength you showed daily. Please help us be more like you, dearest Andrew. Love, Always

Tribute by Marianne, Jul 18, 2009


Not just Today, but Everyday, We Love and Remember Our Darling Angelene Who would have been 37 on 25th, september, God Bless You Darling, Mammy Daddy and Jonathan XXX

Tribute by Robert,and Pam., Jul 11, 2009

Raymond Bryan

my darling sweet sonshine boy, your spirit will always be with me and for that i thank God.mommy loves you so much.i feel you with me always.

Tribute by paula bryan, Jul 9, 2009

Alyssa Leonard

I miss you more and more everyday! I Love you sweet Angel-Mommy

Tribute by Alicia Leonard, Jun 24, 2009

Travis Kruse

I miss you more every day.

Tribute by Stacie Henson, May 27, 2009

Maggie Hackett

I think of you all of the time. You were the best little friend I ever had. I love you so much and know you are smiling down on us all!

Tribute by Stephanie Neff Earick, May 23, 2009

Cade Mateo Morrissey

My Dearest Boo; On this MPS Day I want you to know that I wish I could have spent it with you decorating and flying your MPS Kite, but unfortunately I was only able to release balloons in your honor.

Tribute by Nikki Morrissey, May 15, 2009

Cade Mateo Morrissey

This is never enough room for everything that Mommy wants to say to you. I miss u so very much and I Love U; Until We Meet Again

Tribute by Nikki Morrissey, May 15, 2009

Ryan Mask


Tribute by Dorothy Mask, May 14, 2009

Haley Rose Biederman

My beautiful red haired angel, Haley. It seems like yesterday you were here, but it has been 7 years since you have gone, and we all miss you terribly. We will love you forever, our little Hailstorm.

Tribute by Kathleen biederman, Apr 28, 2009

David Lynn Wadle

David – I love you and miss you. You lived your life with dignity, grace and determination that few people can comprehend. You quietly lived your life the very best that you could. Be peaceful.

Tribute by Nikki Hirsch, Apr 28, 2009

David Lynn Wadle

David was a true inspiration! He was loved by all who who were fortunate enough to know him. He led his life in a positive and dignified manner, never letting his life’s hand get the best of him.

Tribute by The Lucille Klingler Family, Apr 28, 2009