Raise Awareness and Rally for Families

Celebrate International MPS Awareness Day by customizing your own Photo Awareness Frame for Social Media.  We have created these frames for you to use.  MPS Awareness Day 2015 Scotty WhitecottonFollow the instructions and start sharing your new Frame on your Social Media sites through Facebook and Twitter.

We have included these easy download instructions.  You also have your choice of one of these terrific frames.  They are rectangular or square. Each of these photo frames are ready to use! If you have questions or needs assistance, please contact Erica Blight at dr.blight@gmail.com.

MPS Awareness day image- 3x5 sizeMPS Awareness Day Frame 2015 MPS Awareness day image- 5x3 size

















Would you like to raise money for the National MPS Society but aren’t sure how? Rally.org makes it quick and easy! Our National MPS Society Rally.org page includes a brief video, description of the Society, and a button for contributing online. Help us raise money by visiting our Rally.org page and sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or via email – it’s just that simple!

Tweet it by clicking the Tweet Button button on our Rally.org page. Share it on Facebook by clicking the Facebook Share Button button on our Rally.org page. Or use the Rally.org URL share button on our Rally.org page to paste the link on your blog or in an email to friends and family.