Thanks to YOU!

Barbara Wedehase, executive director of the National MPS Society, thanks our members for the donations that allowed almost $450,000 in new MPS research funds for 2013.


March 15, 2013

Dear Friends:

Sometimes we forget to shout about the exciting accomplishments that are happening in the Society, happening because of YOU.  Thanks to your donations and fundraising in 2012, the Society’s Board of Directors approved an investment of almost $450,000 in new MPS research funds for 2013, including the following slate of new research grants to be awarded this July.  Each grant is for two years, with half the funding provided in 2013 and the remainder in 2014.

  • Two $60,000 grants for general MPS or related disease research
  • One $50,000 grant for MPS II research
  • One $90,000 grant for MPS III research
  • One $60,000 grant for MPS IV research
  • One $60,000 grant for MPS VI research

These grants are advertised internationally, and the applications are subjected to a competitive peer review process by experts on our Scientific Advisory Board to ensure that the very best science is funded.

In addition, $35,000 of general MPS research dollars, $10,000 of MPS I research dollars, and $20,000 of ML II/III research dollars are being committed to existing research projects or partnership grants.

Steve Holland and I hosted the Society’s annual Scientific Advisory Board breakfast in conjunction with the World meeting in Orlando a few weeks ago and heard confirmations of the importance of the Society’s research grant program.  Did you know that several of our esteemed researchers got their start from Society research grants?  And now they’re getting major funding from the NIH!  We are recognized globally as an important funding source for MPS research, especially in seed funding and in bridging young researchers into focusing their careers on MPS research.

Did you know that 100% of the money you donate to research goes to research?  I don’t know many organizations that not only say it, but stand by it.  That’s huge.  Plus, you choose where your research dollars go – general research or syndrome specific.

I hope this message puts a smile on your face, because I’m smiling writing it.  It’s important that we celebrate our accomplishments, and you helped bring about this accomplishment. Let’s use this excitement to spur us on to do even more in 2013 – so that we can announce half a million dollars in new research funds next year!

Thank YOU!


Barbara Wedehase, MSW, CGC
Executive Director
National MPS Society

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