Outcome of Janssen advisory panel of MPS experts

Dear MPS Patient advocacy groups;

Janssen is pleased to have hosted an advisory panel of MPS experts on May 20th, 2013 and, while we do not have scientific expertise in this area, we are grateful to have contributed to the sharing of current scientific information on pentosan polysulfate (PPS) and MPS in the interest of patients.

The meeting accomplished the objective of sharing the science of PPS in the treatment of patients with interstitial cystitis, the latest understanding of the MPS family of diseases, and the results of some studies using animal models of MPS.  Although there was robust discussion during the advisory panel meeting, based on the data shared, there was not a scientific consensus regarding the initiation of patient studies based on an animal study.

With respect to the recent news about Mt. Sinai and bene pharmaChem GmbH, Janssen respects the exclusive relationship between Mt. Sinai and bene and the need for them to maintain the confidentiality of their ongoing research.  With this in mind, Janssen is certainly willing to continue further sharing its knowledge of PPS, as is appropriate and helpful.

At Janssen, we are inspired by the ongoing efforts in the interest of patients with MPS and we wish Mt. Sinai and bene well as they pursue clinical research in this area.  We are pleased to see a potential path for patients as the research moves forward from animal models. We sincerely hope that this may result in progress and a benefit to the health and wellbeing of MPS patients and their families.

Warm regards

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