Help us secure May 15, 2011 as National MPS Awareness Day!

Dear Friends:

The Time for Action is NOW to secure co-sponsors for Senate resolution designating May 15, 2011 as National MPS Awareness Day. The deadline for co-sponsors is May 11, 2011.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. National MPS Awareness Day is fast approaching. With new senators recently elected, this is a perfect opportunity for them and all our senators on capitol hill to become more familiar with MPS and related diseases and how this disease impacts your family. Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) is again sponsoring this years resolution proclaiming May 15, 2011 as National MPS Awareness Day.

We are asking you, your family and friends to contact both of your United States Senators and ask to speak with their Health Legislative Assistants (HLA). Their contact information is available at If you click on the upper right hand corner by your state, you will see their contact information including phone, fax and email addresses.

If calling your two Senators offices, ask to speak with the Health Legislative Assistant (HLA). If you get their voice mail, be prepared to leave your message. We have attached a suggested script for calling, faxing or emailing. Explain to the HLA that you are a constituent and give a brief description of how MPS affects your lives. Let your HLA know the purpose of the resolution is to raise awareness and recognize affected individuals and families and ask for them to co-sponsor this resolution.

If emailing or faxing, address your correspondence to your Senator in care of the Health Legislative Assistant (HLA). You can use the attached sample letter to personalize for your family also explaining how MPS has affected your lives and the purpose of the resolution. Please include the 2010 Senate Resolution in your communications with your Senator.

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure and have your HLA or Senator contact Senator Lindsey Grahams office and speak to either Colin Allen or Leigh Ellen Gray at 202.224.5972 to sign on as a co-sponsor.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by reply email or by calling the National MPS Society’s office at 919.806.0101. Please let us know when you have contacted the HLA at your Senator’s offices.

Thank you for your help.

Your voice is a powerful tool in raising awareness for MPS and related diseases.

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