Ask Me About PwP

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PwP is a group of National MPS Society members willing to call, email, or write their U.S. legislators when their input as a family member or affected individual can make a huge difference. Issues which we advocate for will include increased funding for MPS research to the National Institutes of Health, Medicaid, Social Security Income, respite care, special education and other legislation that affects our lives on a daily basis. Typically this information will be sent to you in a format ready to send to your representatives in Congress. You will be able to personalize this draft correspondence by adding information about your family and your affected loved ones with MPS or related diseases.

The intent of this program is to have society members, their friends and supporters standing by committed to get the word out to our elected officials on programs, legislation and policies that have a direct impact on all of us who live with MPS and related diseases. This has proven to be an effective tool to influence legislation. It is anticipated that the PwP will call on you several times a year to assist in contacting your legislators. If you are willing to spend a few minutes advocating for your loved ones with MPS or related disease we urge you to join the PwP.

Please feel free to contact us 919.806.0101 with any questions you may have on this exciting new opportunity to help make a difference.

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