Shire announces 2013 BRAVE Awards recognizing caregivers – Nominations accepted through June 30, 2013

The Shire BRAVE Awards program is an initiative of Shire plc, a global specialty biopharmaceutical company, to acknowledge ordinary people who give of themselves by caring for others in a meaningful, dedicated and selfless manner. Each recipient of a BRAVE Award also receives $10,000 USD. Nominate someone today!

What’s a caregiver?
A caregiver provides regular, consistent care for another person without being paid or requiring something in return. For the BRAVE Awards, a caregiver is defined as a non-professional, and is not someone employed as a professional caregiver or healthcare provider. A caregiver for the BRAVE Awards may be a relative, neighbor or friend who gives their time, support and compassion regularly and consistently to help someone unable to care for him or herself due to health and wellness issues, injury or other extenuating circumstance.

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