National MPS Society Fundraising, Member and Host Survey Results

Interested in the results from the National MPS Society Fundraising, Member and Host Survey?  Click here to find out!

Comments from Survey Participants:

• “Promote regional gatherings as a way to get regional/area families talking about fundraising together. Pharma/Hospital sponsored gatherings like the one in Chicago should offer an opportunity to have the Society speak about the Society and its program, including fundraising”

• Mini Concerts, fairs, raffles

•None, I think the Society is doing well

• At the conference offer a brief class or seminar regarding fundraising policies, procedures and methods

•Feature successful fundraiser in each quarter of Courage magazine with the story of their first event, things that worked and those that did not, give advice.

•“For Komen Race for the Cure and Make-a-Wish, etc., it seems that the organization comes to town and puts on the 5K, and we just have to attend and get others to attend. I have always wished that there was a 5K event planner that went from region to region organizing 5Ks, but I suppose that would cost money for that person’s salary. I would love to attend a MPS 5K and ask all my friends and family to attend, but I am too nervous to host one myself.”

•“Simple. Small. Quick. Like a button or something for facebook that my friends can click on to instantly donate $5 through paypal.”

•“Something new and special that will raise awareness (not only funds) for the society”

•“Additional small fundraising event fundraiser ideas. I will consider the “Mobile Causes” and the Courage Pages”

•“Board member hosted event within our region, that we can practice helping with before sponsoring our own fundraiser”

“Big fundraisers (beyond the walk/runs) that have people dress up and give lots of money require alcohol to be successful in my opinion. The society needs to find a way to support this very important feature of a fundraiser as it loosens people up to network better and give more. The families who hold fundraisers should not have to cover the bar tap out of pocket when they bring in enough money to meet expense guidelines. Most big companies allow employees to charge in alcohol when it is used to increase business and network, why can’t the society do the same. Is it a religous issue? I am sure that big charities find ways to include drinks at big galas and have seen NORD and others provide open bars at their events so I don’t think this is a non-profit issue.”

•“I’m in a new location and have tried to reach out to families in the area interested in joining us to fundraise however haven’t had much luck. Maybe offering some sort of incentive for multiple families joining forces to fundraise would be beneficial?”

•“This is not a survey. This is a marketing tool. This is not about how the society can serve patients and families. This is about patients and families serving the society. Yes, it’s a two way street, but this survey is a poorly dressed up marketing gimmick. Please don’t waste my time.”




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