MPS Awareness Day is May 15

On May 15, the National MPS Society, along with the international MPS community, celebrates International MPS Awareness Day. On this day, we remember all the children and adults who suffer from MPS and ML and think about loved ones we have lost.

Each one of you will celebrate this day in your own way, and we can’t wait to see all the exciting events going on. We have some great ways to get involved!

  • Letter to the editor: These make a huge impact! We’ve created an easy template to follow. Click here for a sample letter to the editor.
  • Press release: Copy and paste our template into an email, update the highlighted sections with your information and personal MPS story and send to your local paper or TV station.
  • Social media calendar: Check out this social activity calendar to get inspired to spread MPS Awareness. Use the hashtags #MPSAwareness2017, #MPSAwareness and #FlyForMPS.
  • Twibbon campaign: Add an overlay about MPS Awareness to your social media profile pictures and check out suggested tweets and Facebook posts to support #MPSAwareness2017!
  • Up, up and away: Members will receive MPS Awareness paper planes in the mail. Follow the instructions included to fold and fly your plane for MPS awareness. Share photos of you and your plane on social media, use our hashtags and tag @MPSSociety. You can also get creative and fly a drone, a kite or a hot air balloon – whatever you’ve got!
  • #FlyForMPS: This year, we are again partnering with Shire Pharmaceuticals to support MPS Awareness Day. Visit and fly a virtual plane to spread MPS awareness across the globe!



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