International MPS Awareness Day – May 15

Thank you to everyone who wore purple, shared photos, and talked about MPS and related diseases on May 15, 2015! Supporting International MPS Awareness Day spreads awareness and helps make a difference in the life of a child with MPS or related disease.

If you took pictures of what you did that day, please email them with a brief description to We may feature you in Courage, our quarterly publication!

MPS Awareness day began as a way to honor all of those in the MPS Community, to recognize, remember and rejoice in each other.

On MPS Awareness Day we:

– Remember all the children and adults who suffer from MPS and related diseases.
– Think about the children we have lost.
– Think about the doctors and scientists who are dedicated to finding a cure for MPS and related diseases.
– Appreciate each other and are thankful for the strength and support we both give and receive.


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