Don’t let Congress repeal incentives for rare disease drug development!

This year, it is likely that our members of Congress will pass tax reform legislation. One of the items that could be on the chopping block is a current tax credit called the Orphan Drug Tax Credit (ODTC). Enacted in 1983, this tax credit provides valuable incentives to drug companies developing new drugs and treatment for rare diseases. Some members of Congress want to eliminate the ODTC.

In the decade before the ODTC, only ten medicines were developed by industry for rare diseases. Since 1983, more than 2,700 potential treatments have entered the research pipeline as orphan drugs, and more than 300 have been approved by the FDA. The tax credits are a very small portion of tax revenue but a very large incentive for the development of treatments for rare diseases, many of which are life threatening, including MPS diseases.

Patients and their families living with MPS and related diseases live with hope for new treatments and one day a cure. The ODTC is a powerful and effective proven tool to help spur the development of such treatments. Please join us, the National Organization of Rare Diseases (NORD), and 118 patient organizations in advocating to protect the ODTC. Click the link above to contact your legislators!

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