Call for Letters of Intent: Research Initiative 2013 – March 18 deadline

Dr. Mark Haskins with Jean Luc, MPS I cat

The National MPS Society is seeking to fund research projects that would be likely to generate strong preliminary data for major funding in the following areas:

Special consideration will be given to new investigators.

  1. The support of basic or clinical research for any MPS syndrome
    • Two (2) $60,000 grants
  2. The support of basic or clinical research for MPS II
    • One (1) $50,000 grant
  3. The support of basic or clinical research for MPS III
    • One (1) $90,000 grant
  4. The support of basic or clinical research for MPS IV
    • One (1) $60,000 grant
  5. The support of basic or clinical research for MPS VI
    • One (1) $60,000 grant

Each grant is awarded for two years, with half of total funding provided in 2013 and half in 2014.  Syndrome specific research not awarded funding in its specific category will also be considered for funding within the general MPS funding category.


– Three pages maximum:

– two pages summarizing in a concise manner your specific aims

– one page preliminary budget

– Do not describe the MPS diseases

– Include your name and institution on the right hand corner of each page


Please e-mail a two-page Letter of Intent summarizing the project and a one-page preliminary budget no later than March 18, 2013 to:

Barbara Wedehase, Executive Director

Successful candidates will be invited to submit full proposals for a May 1, 2013 deadline; funding will begin

July 1, 2013. Grants and fellowships from the National MPS Society are provided to qualified medical researchers for the purpose of promoting medical research in the fields of MPS and related diseases.  No institution overhead or other indirect costs will be paid and shall not be included as part of any grant request.  There are no restrictions on citizenship, residency or location of research project.

For additional information contact:
Barbara Wedehase, Executive Director
National MPS Society, PO Box 14686, Durham, NC 27709-4686
phone: 919.806.0101

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