2017 research grant program open

Each year, the National MPS Society awards deserving medical researchers grants to pursue treatments and cures for MPS and ML. In 2016, the MPS Society awarded $485,000 in grant funding. Since 1999, nearly $7 million has been awarded to MPS and ML research.

The 2017 research grant initiative is still ongoing. Thirty-three letters of intent applications have been submitted, and successful request for proposals will be funded in the third quarter of this year.  For more information, email grants@mpssociety.org.

2017 grant opportunities include:

  1. ANY MPS Syndrome –  $90,000 ONE grant ( 2 year distribution)
  2. MPS I (Hurler Syndrome) – $60,000 ONE grant
  3. MPS II (Hunter Syndrome) – $50,000 ONE grant
  4. MPS III ( Sanfilippo Syndrome) – $50,000 ONE grant
  5. MPS IV (Morquio Syndrome) – $50,000 ONE grant

Research benefits families and patients affected by MPS and ML

2016 research grants awarded

The National MPS Society allocated $485,000 in grant funding for 2016. This includes the second-year funding for grants awarded in 2015 and $150,000 in partnership with The Ryan Foundation and University of Pennsylvania through the Million Dollar Bike Ride. The funding we provide is critical as we move forward with our mission to find cures for MPS and ML. We received many letters of intent from researchers around the world for research grants. After reviewing those letters, our Scientific Advisory Board review committee requested full grant proposals from researchers. Two new grants were chosen for MPS IVA and for MPS VII. Additionally, two new grants chosen through the Million Dollar Bike Ride, and include MPS I and MPS IIIA.

The board of directors allocated $30,000 through the Fundraising Directive Program. The family who raised these funds requested work be continued with Dr. Haiyan Fu of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for gene therapy approach for advanced MPS II via AAV9 vectors, for a total of $80,000 awarded for this research project year to date.

In partnership with ISMRD, we awarded $30,000 for ML research. Grant funding was issued in the first quarter of 2017 to University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Allison Bradbury and Dr. Charles Vite in conjunction with University of North Carolina’s Dr. Steven Gray for the “Evaluation of Adeno-Associated Virus Gene Therapy in the Feline Model of Mucolipidosis II.

The MPS Society also provided $25,000 to support the Lysosomal Disease Network’s NIH grant research goals. The funding is designed for the Neuroimaging Core, which will benefit the four MPS projects. We also provided $5,000 through a partnership grant for a Phase 1/2 Study of Adalimumab Treatment – MPS I project.

Dr. Linda Polygreen
Los Angeles, California
“Phase 1/2 Study of Adalimumab for the Treatment of Mucopolysaccharidoses”

Dr. Haiyan Fu
Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Columbus, Ohio
“Gene Therapy Treating Advanced MPS II via a Systemic hIDS Gene Delivery Using AAV Stereotype 9 Vector”

Dr. Kim Hemsley
South Australia Health and Medical Research Institut
Adelaide, South Australia
“AAV2/8-mediated expression of modified sulphamidase, liver targeting for improved secretion and brain delivery in IIIA Huntaway dog.”

Dr. Kazuki Sawamoto, Dr. Shunji Tomatsu
Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
Wilmington, Del.
“Gene Therapy for MPS IVA”

Dr. Lachlan J. Smith
University of Pennsylvania
“Therapeutic Targeting of Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling to Improve Bone Formation in MPS VII”
Million Dollar Bike Ride – Team MPS Grants (In partnership with The Ryan Foundation and University of Pennsylvania)

Dr. Igor Nestrasil
University of Minnesota
“MRI Signatures of Cervical Spine Alterations in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I”

Dr. Ainslie Derrick-Roberts
SA Pathology
Adelaide, Australia
“Understanding Neurogenesis in MPS IIIA Disease”

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