LSDRC 2006 Grants Funded

The LSDRC funded seven researchers in 2006 who applied for the NIH PAS-04-120 but who did not receive NIH funding. The total amount of grants awarded is $233,000 from the available $310,000. The decisions for funding from the LSDRC were made by an independent review board of scientists and clinicians who serve on the advisory boards of the participating LSDRC groups. These grants will allow the researchers to expand their work so they can reapply for NIH funding.

Eain M. Cornford, PhD, Professor of NeurologyDavid Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System 

“Gene delivery across the blood-brain barrier in Lafora knockout mice”

Philip E. Dawson, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Cell Biology Scripps Research Institute, LaJolla, CA 

“Potential of chemical chaperones and thioester reactive small molecules as potential therapeutic approaches in the treatment of infantile Batten disease”

Kostantin Dobrenis, PhD, Asst. Professor, Neuroscience, Co-Director, Center for Disorders of Lysosomal MetabolismAlbert Einstein College of Medicine 

“GM2 Gangliosidosis Therapy Using Neuronotropic Enzyme”

Angela Gritti, PhD,Institute for Stem Cell Research (SCRI), Milan, Italy 

“Neural Stem Cell Based Therapy for GM2 Gangliosidosis”

Synthia H. Mellon, PhD, Prof, Ob/Gyn. Reproductive Sciences Univ. of California at San Francisco 

“Neurosteroid Therapy for Lysosomal Storage Disorders”

Thomas N Seyfried, PhD, Prof. of BiologyBoston College 

“Evaluate MJ-DGJ as a substrate reduction therapy, neural stem cells (NSCs), as a cross-correctional therapy, and caloric restriction (CR) as an anti-inflammatory therapy for ganglioside storage diseases”

Brian W. Soper, PhD, Research Staff ScientistThe Jackson Laboratory 

“MPS VII CNS Gene Therapy Using Neuronal Stem Cells”