Rising Sun Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle was formed in 2011.  This distinguished group represents hope for our future. Donors who support the National MPS Society with an estate plan gift build a foundation for future research, family support and educational programs.

These donors are recognized with an automatic membership in the Rising Sun Legacy Circle. Their generosity demonstrates how one generation can help those to come. This is a group of forward-thinking individuals who have demonstrated their love and concern for our future.

If you are planning to include or have already included the National MPS Society in your estate planning, please let us know.  We would like to thank you for your generosity and welcome you to this esteemed group.

To learn more about creative ways to support the Society, including planned gifts, please browse this section on planned giving or contact our office at 919.806.0101 or email Terri Klein, Development Director at terri@mpssociety.org.