Gifts You Make Today

In our Planned Giving program, donors ask about Gifts You Can Make Anytime.

Gifts of Cash

The easiest and the most common way to support the National MPS Society is with a cash gift.  These gifts are usually given by check.  When you make a cash or credit card gift to the Society, we both benefit immediately. Your generosity enables us to meet our most urgent needs and carry out our mission on a daily basis.

Remember that a gift today can mean:

  1. The ability to choose how your gift is used
  2. The opportunity to view the results of your generosity
  3. An immediate charitable deduction on your federal income taxes, when you itemize

Make a gift today to the National MPS Society

Gifts of Securities or Stock

For tax purposes, gifts of appreciated stocks and securities can be among the best asset a person can give to a charity.  This is because donors receive a double tax benefit: They can deduct the full fair market value of their appreciated assets, (if owned more than one year), and they save again by avoiding all capital gains taxes on their actual profit.

For example Mrs. Smith purchased stock in 1990 for $200 and it is now worth $1000. If Mrs. Smith gives the stock to the National MPS Society instead of cash, we receive a gift of $1000 – the fair market value of the stock – and she can claim a $1,000 charitable deduction on her next income tax return. If Mrs. Smith is in the 33% tax bracket, that is a savings of $330.  Also, Mrs. Smith avoids $120 in capital gains taxes that would be due if she sold the stock at it’s current market value of $1000, ($1,000 CV – $200 OV x 15%).  The final result, figuring in tax savings, a gift of $1000 to the Society only costs Mrs. Smith $550. (This is based on a 15% capital gains tax rate)

How to Make a Gift of Stock or Securities:

You can send stock certificates unendorsed directly by mail to our office with a cover letter outlining the purpose of your gift along with a description of the issues and the number of shares and certificates, or you can hand deliver the gift.  If you decide to send by mail, it is best to send FEDEX or registered mail. Our address is:

National MPS Society
4220 Apex Hwy., Suite 140
Durham, North Carolina 27713
Attn: Development Director

If the certificates are held in a brokerage account, have your broker contact the National MPS Society for detailed transfer instructions by contacting Terri Klein, Development Director at 919-806-0101 or

Gifts of Real Estate

Like stocks and securities a gift of real estate is hands down one of the best assets a person can give to the Society for tax purposes. Congress has created special incentives to encourage certain forms of private philanthropy and this includes gifts of real estate. Some of the benefits may include:

  1. reduced income, estate and property taxes
  2. lower insurance and upkeep of costs
  3. avoidance of capital gains tax

If you prefer to leave real estate through your Will or Living Trust, your gift can be outright, but it could also be stated as a contingency upon the happening of some event.  For example, Sam would like to leave a parcel of land to his sister Sarah. However, in the event that Sarah does not survive the Will of Sam, Sam directs the real estate to pass to the National MPS Society.

Gifts of real estate can be valuable for all parties involved, but they require careful planning. Please contact our office at 919.806.0101 to discuss the potential for making a contribution of real estate that will benefit our programs.