Gifts That Benefit the Society After Your Lifetime

Hubert Family Fall sitting photoWe recognize that programs of the National MPS Society depend upon your goodwill. We’ve created this easy-to-understand website to help you dream about our future and funding our mission while managing your estate.

There are many giving options and we can discuss strategies that will enhance your personal goals as well as the National MPS Society.


“I wish I could do more” are words included in many gifts that we receive at the Society. You can “do more” for the future of the Society if gifts are thoughtfully planned. Some of these gifts can be fulfilled after your lifetime.

Will or Living Trust

Of all the gifts given in your lifetime, a bequest may be the most meaningful one you will ever make, even when it is after your lifetime. Through your bequest, you can remember loved ones in a very special way, perpetuate your values by designating funds to a specific cause and help secure the future of the National MPS Society research and family support programs.

A will or a revocable living trust is also referred to as a charitable bequest. The gift can be a specific bequest or a percentage of an estate. Types of gifts can include: cash, securities or property. Consider these benefits a bequest may offer your family when considering a gift to the Society.

Just a few sentences in your will are all that is needed. The official bequest language of the National MPS Society includes:

Residual Bequest – may be made for a percentage or all of the estate remaining after payment of debts, taxes and expenses.
I devise and bequeath the rest, residue of my estate to the National MPS Society to their (specific endowment or perhaps program named).
I devise and bequeath ________percent of the residue of my estate to the National MPS Society for general use and purposes.

General Bequest may be made for a specific dollar amount.
I bequeath the sum of $ ___ to the National MPS Society for general use and purposes.

Specific Bequest may be made for a specific piece of property:
I bequeath (insert description of property) to the National MPS Society for general use and purposes.

Your will can be structured to leave a specific amount of money or an item, contingent on certain events, or contain wording to leave a percentage of your estate to the Society.

For example, if you prefer to leave real estate through your will, your gift can be outright but also it might be stated as a contingency upon the happening of some event.  For example, Mary would like to leave a parcel of land to her sister Sarah. However, in the event that Sarah does not survive the will of Mary, Mary directs the real estate to pass to the National MPS Society.

A gift received in a will is given after your lifetime, therefore you can change your mind at anytime or the program you wish to fund.

Tax Benefits
The Society recognizes that tax relief can be obtained from designations within a will or revocable living trust. We recommend you speak with your attorney, accountant or financial adviser to determine these benefits. Then contact the National MPS Society to discuss Gift Planning. Our Development Director can help you design a long-term gift to support National MPS Society causes that are most meaningful to you.

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides the means by which a donor can make a charitable gift with modest out-of-pocket costs. The National MPS Society accepts a life insurance policy as a planned gift when we are the beneficiary of the policy or when an heir wishes to donate some of the estate from the policy after death.

The Charity as Beneficiary of the policy provides the following Donor benefits:

    1. Retention of ownership and control of policy
    1. Modest out-of-pocket cost.

You can name the National MPS Society as the charity beneficiary of a life insurance policy while retaining ownership and control of the policy and having access to its cash value. As the death benefit will be a charitable deduction.

Why give life insurance? Many donors have found that life insurance is the ideal vehicle for making a significant charitable gift, either during life or at death. These are the following advantages of a life insurance gift:

    1. A gift of life insurance is certain. The full proceeds are payable to assure your philanthropic goals are achieved.
    1. Life insurance is paid promptly; it is not tied up in the administration of the estate.
    1. Unlike a will, life insurance is not a matter of public record. Proceeds can pass for our benefit, in privacy if you choose.
    1. Life insurance gifts are simple.

Your life insurance gift can be even more satisfying if you direct your gift to a particular Society program or an area where you have an active interest.

Please be sure to notify the National MPS Society if you have chosen us a life insurance gift recipient.  We would like to share this knowledge within our Rising Sun Legacy Circle or you may remain anonymous.

Contact Terri Klein, Development Director at or 919.806.0101.