Fundraising Toolkit

Fundraising is critical to the National MPS Society. Our fundraising is done by volunteers who are members, friends, and supporters of the Society. The monies received from fundraising enable the Society to fulfill our mission of providing support to families affected by MPS and related diseases, supporting medical research that will one day find cures, and increasing public awareness of the diseases.

On this page we have important resources to help you host a National MPS Society Fundraising Event or Walk/Run event.  If you do not see something on this page or wish to talk with us directly, contact Terri Klein at or 919-806-0101.

Go online and fill out a Fundraising Event Checklist Form, Courage Pages application or Volunteer Form!  We want the Fundraising process to be as easy as possible.  Visit our ONLINE FORMS. If you have not registered yet for the site it is easy to do, just follow the screen instructions after you click the link. Once you are registered – log in, fill out the appropriate form online and submit!  It is that easy.

Below are resource guides and forms that can also help you get started!  We are thrilled to share with you both the updated Special Events and Walk/Run Guides to aid you in your Fundraising efforts!

Journey of Hope – Fundraising Video, provided by the National MPS Society Youtube channel

Special Events GUIDE 2014 (pdf)

Walk Run Guide 2014 (pdf)

Courage Page Sign Up Form (Courage Pages are individual family website pages that are hosted by the Society.  We are pleased to provide you the extraordinary tool to raise awareness and funds for Society programs) Available online – just fill out and submit!

The “Ask Event”(a 1 hour event gathering friends and neighbors for awareness and donations, this new event has been held twice and has been very successful!)

Reimbursement Policy – Fundraiser and Walk Run (pdf)

T SHIRT Policy Statement 2014 (pdf)

Joint Fundraising Policy 2014 (pdf)

The Phantom Run for MPS (pdf)