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Welcome to Courage Pages!  Creating a Courage Page provides an opportunity for your Family to share your unique story, including pictures, to assist you in raising awareness for MPS and related diseases. This page can be for in Honor or in Memory of someone with MPS or a related disease and can be used for Fundraising. What is important is that you decide!

Our hope is that through Courage Pages, you are enabled to share your rare disease story with loved ones, friends, colleagues, physicians, legislators and anyone that wants to learn more about MPS and related diseases. Your story can include multiple photos and be updated as often by you as often as you like!

This is a terrific platform for raising funds and to tie into a fundraising event, you decide! Families have raised over $100,000 through Courage Pages and allocated the funds as they wanted – whether this is for syndrome specific research, family support or legislative efforts.

Ready to get started?

First begin by registering for your new page!  Register now.
We have created these detailed directions to help you with registering, creating and editing your page. We will do our very best to keep directions updated during software changes.

Want to visit other Courage Pages?

Please scroll through the list of Families and Friends that have a Courage Page below and click the link to access their page.  These are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

If you are interested in building your own webpage for your loved one it is easy!  If you prefer for the Society to build the page for you, we have an online application you can fill out. If you need a form mailed to you please contact Terri Klein at or call 919.806.0101.

 Child's NameSyndrome
EvanAbelFamily_smlAbel, EvanMPS IIIC
AshleyAllenStandOutsmlAllen, AshleyMPS I
Aaron AthyAthy, AaronMPS I
HunterBeambookbagsmlBeam, HunterMPS II
AnnabelleBozarthblue_smlBozarth, AnnabelleMPS IVA
MPS_tagWHITE_PBrown, Tyson MPS I
MichaelCampbellJersey_smlCampbell, MichaelMPS II
SamCaswellGradRobe_smlCaswell, SamMPS I
AlanCharestHatBlueShirt_smlCharest, AlanMPS IIIB
JackAlexNickCherrstromoutsidesmlCherrstrom, Alex and Nick MPS II
JacksonDunnKrausswindowFamily_smlDunn-Kraus, JacksonMPS II
KaliGegenheimerHat_smlGegenheimer, KaliMPS I
shane-gibsonGibson, ShaneMPS IIIA
MackenzieandIsabellaflowers_smlHardesty, Mackenzie & IsabellaMPS VI
HollandHoliday_smlHolland Family, Steve MPS I
Bridget Joyce for Kathy JoyceJoyce, KathleenMPS I
CarterKanneyCrabShirtsmlKanney, Carter MPS II
BethKarasHeadshotKaras, BethML III - Sister
EddieKFootballGame2011_smlKimminau, EddieMPS IVA
AllisonKirchFloweredPink_smlKirch, AllisonMPS IIIA
JenniferKleinButterflyface_smlKlein, JenniferML III
KraigKrisChel_smlKlenke, KraigMPS II
ShaneMcGoeyHelmet_smlMcGoey, ShaneMPS II - Friend
Caleb MMichalik, CalebMPS II
DannyMillerFamilyFireplace_smlMiller, DannyMPS II
MJMCourage_Tree_wings_smlMongan, MauraMPS I
RileyMullerMuller, RileyMPS II
AnaleePerezSmileFlowerssmlPerez, AnaleeML II
RaymondPinchakwhiteshirt_smlPinchak, RaymondMPS II
HudsonRoman, HudsonMPS II
MThompson_sml-150x142Thompson, MadisonML III
CTippettfootball_139x150.png Tippett, CooperMPS IVA
JackToddSoccershirt_smlTodd, JackMPS II
AlyVonHandorfBike_smlVon Handorf, AlysonMPS IIIA
TrinityWalkerLove_smlWalker, TrinityMPS IIIA
MichaelWhitaker-RussellPurpleshirt_smlWhitaker-Russell, MichaelMPS II
ScottyWhitecottonBlueshirt_smlWhitecotton, ScottyMPS II
ChristianYardStepsYard, ChristianMPS II
RoyZeighamiAward_smlZeighami, RoyMPS IIIA