Join the National MPS Society Board of Directors!

2014 BOD_medEach year the National MPS Society holds an election for Board of Director positions due to expire at the end of that year. We encourage you to consider serving your Society in this most valuable way. The board election documents, including the Nomination Application form, can be found below.

The minimum requirements for serving on the Board are: current member of the Society, at least 21 years of age, and a resident of the United States. Persons who are employees, officials, agents or representatives of companies engaged in the business of development or distribution of treatments for MPS and related diseases may not serve as directors. A husband and wife can be nominated for a single position. If elected, the pair will be counted as one member and will have one vote. The term of the new directors will begin on 1-1-15 and expire 12-31-16.

The first step is to complete the Nomination Application found on our website. The application must be typed and e-mailed to on or before October 13, 2014. Faxed or mailed applications will not be accepted. Each nominee must answer all questions; word count over the stated allocation will be deleted.

The second step in the nomination process is a phone interview with a small number of current Directors. This is an opportunity for the current Directors to answer your questions about the work of the Board and learn more about your leadership skills.

The third step is the review of all applicants by the Governance Committee. Based upon the qualifications of the applicants and the current areas of need and direction of the Board, the Governance Committee will prepare a list of candidates to be included on the ballot. Any applicant not selected for the list of candidates or candidates who do not win a board election will be encouraged to serve on a Board Committee.

The fourth and final step is the vote. The ballot, containing detailed information on each candidate, will be sent by regular mail to our members. The completed ballot will be mailed to an independent accounting firm that will tabulate the votes.

Serving as a Director requires a significant time commitment. In addition to serving on the Board, each Director must work on committees and perform tasks as assigned by the committee chairperson. Each committee will have several teleconferences each year. Directors must also attend Board meetings. There are at least three in-person Board meetings per year—typically early spring, summer, and fall. At least one of these meetings will coincide with the Society’s annual conference. Directors receive travel reimbursement for attending these meetings. Directors are also expected to support the Society financially through personal donations and/or by hosting fundraising activities.

If you are interested in running for the Board, please review the documents below. Once elected, each Director must sign confidentiality, conflict of interest, and ethics policies.