Scientific Advisory Board

The National MPS Society Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of distinguished research and medical professionals. Highly qualified human and veterinary medicine researchers and clinical geneticists are asked by the Society’s Board of Directors to become members of the SAB.

The mission of the Society is to find cures for the MPS diseases, so research funding is a priority. The SAB works closely with the Society to review submitted research grants and provide the necessary peer review. The SAB assists with the writing and editing of the Society’s educational materials and are frequently queried regarding research issues and focus, NIH research and grants, and Congressional bills.

Steve Walkley, DVM, PhD, Committee Chair
Alessandra d’Azzo, PhD
Gideon Bach, PhD
Lorne Clarke, MD
Robert Desnick, MD, PhD
Patricia Dickson, MD
Matthew Ellinwood, DVM, PhD
Mark Haskins, VMD, PhD
John Hopwood, PhD
William Mackenzie, MD
Joseph Muenzer, MD, PhD
Elizabeth Neufeld, PhD
Beth Pletcher, MD
Kathy Ponder, MD
Mark Sands, PhD
Edward H. Schuchman, PhD
William S. Sly, MD
Calogera Simonaro, PhD
David Wenger, PhD
Chester Whitley, MD, PhD
John H. Wolfe, VMD, PhD