2011 Continuing Education Scholarship Recipients

Thank you to all those who applied for the 2011 Continuing Education Scholarship Program.  The Family Support Committee is pleased to be able to offer $1000 scholarships for individuals affected with MPS and related disease, their parents, children, and siblings.  The scholarship awards will help the following as they continue their secondary education.  Congratulations and best wishes to all of the applicants.

Melany Bjorkman is in her fourth year at Iowa State where she is majoring in Interior Design, and plans to work as a professional designer and design buildings and spaces so they are accessible for everyone.  Melany’s sister Brittany has MPS III.  Melany’s best friend has MPS I, and she is inspired by both her sister and her friend.

Julia Bodura is attending Antioch University Seattle where she is studying the graduate program for Art Therapy.  She hope to be able to use her personal knowledge and skills to help other families as they deal with illness and medical crisis.  Julia is inspired by her brother Michael, who has MPS III.  His amazing perseverance and constant smile remind her to not dwell on the things which cannot be changed.  He inspires her to make the most of her life.

Ellen Bowman is mom of Andrew, who has MPS III.  She is in a Deaf-Blind PhD program with a focus in Vision Science at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.  Ellen hopes to research the educational implications of children with progressive neurological disorders and who have sensory impairments, with hopes to make a difference in the success of children with MPS.

Simon Bowman is a graduate of Tuscaloosa Christian School and is attending Shelton State Community College with plans to obtain his BS degree in Biology at the University of Alabama Birmingham and will continue to Veterinarian school at Auburn University.  Simon is the brother of Andrew, who has MPS III.

Nicholas Boyce is a graduate of East Providence High School and is in his second year at College of Providence, where he is majoring in Sociology with a minor in black studies.  Nick’s goal is to work in law enforcement..  Nick does not allow the fact that he has MPS I slow him down, and is proud that he is able to live on his own while at college Nick works as a park ranger for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

Tyler Bransford is a graduate of Old Dominion University, where he received his bachelors in mechanical engineering and also where he is currently pursuing his Master’s in business administration.  He hopes to help create products that make life easier and safer while considering the cost of producing the products.  Tyler has been able to successfully balance life with MPS VI and his education.

Kyle Brockman is attending Lebanon Valley College with plans to continue on to medical school and become a doctor.  He has found that living with MPS II, had inspired him to pursue a career in medicine. Kyle refuses to let MPS put a limit on what he can do, but he does allow it to help make him a better person.

Ashley Casey is currently attending University of Iowa studying health and human physiology, pre-physical therapy and will graduate in 2014. She plans to continue towards her Masters in Physical Therapy.  Ashley’s brother Joseph had ML II and passed away in 2003.  Joseph’s physical therapy sessions with his wonderful therapist continue to motivate Ashley.  While Ashley wishes that the outcome of ML II would have been different; she realizes that is not possible and instead chooses to focus on the positive things that ML has brought and continues to bring her world.

Jenna Caswell is in her third year at Keene State College where she is majoring in Early Childhood Education.  She plans to become a special education teacher and knows that her desire and personal experience will provide valuable insight in the classroom.  Jenna is most proud of donating her bone marrow, when she was six to her brother Sam, who has MPS I.

Ryan Dant attends Brookhaven Community College with plans to graduate in 2013.  Ryan plans to become an athletic equipment manager, and has worked in the clubhouse of the the Texas Rangers Baseball Club, and is currently working as the equipment manager at Southern Methodist University for the football team.  He is responsible for getting the game day uniforms ready and the helmets looking nice. Ryan has MPS I, and was loves living like a normal young adult.

Emily Durcholz is a graduate of Northview High School and is attending Indiana University, where she is studying business administration with a focus on marketing and a minor in Spanish.  She is inspired by her brothers Ben and Zach who have MPS III B.  Zach passed away in 1998.  Emily’s proudest accomplishment is having hosted “Beat it For Benny” a 2010 walk fundraiser for the MPS Society.

Joella Eppehimer is the daughter of Wayne, who has MPS II.  She attends Houghton College and will graduate in May 2012.  After graduation, Joella plans to continue to graduate school for education and aspires to tech high school English.  She also studies TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and hopes to either tutor refugee children and adults or to teach in a school with a large immigrant or refugee population.

Caitlin Hackett is a graduate of Homestead High School and is attending University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.  She plans to be able to combine her education in psychology, sociology or special education and working with children with special needs.  Her sister and brother Maggie and Keegan both had MPS III and have passed away.  To honor her remarkable siblings, Caitlin lives each day to the fullest.

Jennifer Klein is in her second semester at Wake Technical Community College where she has plans to complete her associates in Science and will continue her education with a degree in psychology or biology with plans to study abroad and to work in the science field. Jenny has ML III which has taught her to be strong, and to not take people, things, days or even her life for granted.  Each day, Jenny finds a way to laugh and smile.

Chelsey Klenke is a graduate of Edwardsville High School and is attending Fontebonne University where she is studying deaf education.  Chelsey is looking forward to working with children with special needs.  Her brother Kraig had MPS II and passed away in 2010.  Kraig continues to show Chelsey how to appreciate and respect life and other people.

Megan Lich is a graduate of Castle View High School and is attending Arapahoe Community College in the Elementary Education program where she will obtain her associates degree and will transfer to a four year college to obtain her bachelors.  Megan will become an elementary school teacher.  Megan is most proud of keeping her GAP above 3.0 during her high school career.  She has been inspired by her wonderful paraprofessionals and teachers who helped her in school.  Megan has ML III.

Kyle Lingo is a graduate of Nordonia High School and is attending Baldwin Wallace College where he is studying sports management with a minor in coaching. Kyle hopes to coach and scout in the high school, college and professional levels, with a goal to coach in the NBA.  Kyle has MPS IV, however he will not allow it to stand in his way.  He credits MPS IV as making him a more mature, determined and positive individual.

Frances Madsen is attending Michigan Technological University majoring in Electrical Engineering and will graduate in 2012.  Frances has MPS I and is proud of being able to find a balance between her health needs and academic needs, all while attending college six hours away from home.

Joscelyne Mason is in the Nursing program at Hampton University with plans to graduate in 2014 and to continue her education to become a physician’s assistant.  Joscelyne has passion to help others and will be able to help many in her career path.  Her brother Khye has MPS II and is her inspiration to pursue medicine.

Heather Millington attends Huntington University, where she majoring in Psychology with plans to become a counselor after she completes Graduate School.  She will become a Child Life Specialist in honor of her sister Hope who had MPS VI and passed away in 2008.  Heather also has created a charity where she raises money to purchase stuffed animals to give to underprivileged children.  She also has raised funds to provide wheelchairs for 8 individuals in third world countries

Megan Sheridan is attending Vermilion Community College with plans to continue her education at University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse majoring in Biology with plans to become a physician’s assistant.  Her Brother Michael has MPS I and she is honored to be his sister.  She admires his irrepressible and unwavering zest for life!

Mackenzie Shine is a graduate of Villa Maria Academy and is attending Lynchburg College, majoring in nursing, with plans to become a nurse practioner.  Her sister Katie MPS III and passed away in 2002.  Mackenzie hopes to be able to give as much to other people as much as Katie was able to give to those who she loved.

Katherine Slavik is a graduate of Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School ans is attending Cleveland State University in the College of Engineering, with a major in mechanical engineering.  Kat plans to work in the development of products to help people with illness and handicaps, her brother William has MPS II.

Kayla Weisenbach is in her second year at Ball State University where she is majoring in special education.  Kayla hopes to teach children with severe interventions.  She is inspired by her sister Megan who has MPS III and the many wonderful teachers who have taught Megan over the years.  Kayla had learned to overlook the challenges which are associated with MPS and instead accepts the blessings.